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EZKAPAZ is a human scale escape game. All our scenarios are conceived internally by our staff who are with you on a daily basis. We always allow our game masters and other team members to collaborate in the creative process because they are also the ones who bring us your ideas for improvement.

Which one will you choose?

Opus Luminum escape game Montreal EZKAPAZ

Opus Luminum

Solve the mystery of the secret society and save the word. (Click here to learn more...)
Cadavera case escape game room EZKAPAZ Montreal

The Cadavera Case

Do you like the game of Clue? Will you make the right deductions? (Click here to learn more...)
escape from a Killer Barber - escape game room EZKAPAZ Montreal - Time stop barber shop

Time Stop Barber Shop

Can you escape from him?
Operation Mindfall poster. An Adventure in the Montreal streets in augmented reality

Operation Mindfall

Save the world from a mind controlling virus. An augmented reality game in the streets of Montreal (Click here to learn more...)
Location and opening hours
3955 saint Laurent blvd
Montreal, QC H2W 1Y4
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Phone :(514) 548-2507

Monday : 14h - 22h
Tuesday : 14h - 22h
Wednesday : 14h - 22h
Thursday : 14h - 22h
Friday : 12h - 22h30
Saturday : 10h - 00h
Sunday : 10h - 21h