Solve the mystery of the secret society and save the world

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Opus Luminum

Everyone believes that the organisation, Opus Luminum, has planned the destruction of humanity.
You finally managed to locate the office of Miss Apelcent, a powerful teacher and master in the occult arts and rituals. She holds a sacred idol with supernatural power.
In an hour, members will disembark to take the artifact and use it in their final ceremony, which will destroy the world. 
Can you find the idol before the members arrive? You have 60 minutes. The fate of all mankind is in your hands.

At a certain moment during the game, at least one member of the group will need to crouch and walk on all fours.

Number of players

4 à 8 people

Additional information

Our new room has a higher difficulty level than the others. For a first experience we recommend the Cadavera Case or POP!

Room's best time


Team : Les nudistes du Mile-end

difficulty level93%
Success Rate30%
Location and opening hours
3955 saint Laurent blvd
Montreal, QC H2W 1Y4
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Phone :(514) 548-2507

Monday : 14h - 22h
Tuesday : 14h - 22h
Wednesday : 14h - 22h
Thursday : 14h - 22h
Friday : 12h - 22h30
Saturday : 10h - 00h
Sunday : 10h - 21h