ezkapaz presents its new augmented reality escape game in the streets of montreal


your mission

During the 1950s, the US government had a top secret research program called the MK Ultra project. Scientists had a mission to develop a virus capable of controlling human thoughts.

Later, in the 1970s, internal leaks revealed the existence of this research and the government had to abandon the project. 
On the other hand, no one suspected that a mysterious organization called Spider Tech has managed to recover the results of this research and is still pursuing the work in total secrecy.

That is where we must act. We’re W.I.S.E. agents. (World Intelligence Secret Elite) and our mission is to protect the world from all terrorist threats. 

Our sources have learned the Spider Tech virus has already begun to spread to major cities. More than 20% of the population is already affected. Still dormant, the virus is only waiting for a simple electronic signal to take control of the population. To prevent this collective madness from changing the world forever, we need you. Your mission will be to prevent the spread of the virus by pouring the anti-virus into Montreal’s water supply and finding Spider Tech’s server room to prevent the diffusion of the electronic signal. To do this, you will have to follow the different hints left by a former Spider Tech scientist, Dr Bergmann. 

Time’s running out, hurry up!

discover your mission on video

“ezkapaz innovates with a brand new, exciting and immersive style of playing outside, in the streets of montreal”


Use the latest immersion technologies. Augmented reality, GPS location, cell phone communication… Be a true field agent.

Mindfall is a team adventure from 4 to 6 people in the streets of Montreal. Alone, you won’t make it! Your partners will be your best allies. Work as a team and defeat Spider Tech.

team work


As a new WISE recruit, you will have at your disposal all the tools and technologies necessary for the success of your mission.

“experience a neighbourhood-sized escape game.”

Mindfall is a team adventure for 4 to 6 people in the streets of Montreal.

The departure is from the EZKAPAZ facilities and your mission will lead you to discover the neighbourhood of Plateau-Mont-Royal in a way that no one else will see.

– Use a map, visual elements of the city, shops, squares to find clues.

– Combine these clues with your equipment and discover its secrets.

– Earn points, be fast, your success and score depend on it.

– You’re stuck? Don’t worry, our virtual agent will be there to help you. All you have to do is ask her.

– Please note: The level of difficulty is easier than our regular rooms. We are currently working on a harder version of the game.

Ready for an adventure?

frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
The price is $19.99 + taxes per adult and $9.99 + taxes per person under 16.
Is there a discount for children or teenagers?
Yes, this summer we’re giving $10 off for kids under 16. Enjoy it!
Do I need to run?
No, you don’t have to run. But time is running out.
How long does the adventure last?
The adventure lasts about 1h30.
How far does the itinerary go?
The itinerary is about 3km in total
What should I wear?
There is about 3km of walking to do outside. We advise you to wear clothes and shoes in which you will be comfortable.
I’m not comfortable with the new technology, can I still play?
Of course. Everything will be explained and the accessories are really easy-to-use.

frequently asked questions

What is the difficulty level ?
this adventure is easier than our usual rooms while remaining interesting. We are currently working on a more difficult version of the challenge for people used to escape games.
What is the minimum age?

We recommend a minimum age of 8 years.
Do children under 8 have to pay too?
No, under 8 years old, the activity is free if the child is with a paying adult.
Is it for the whole family?
The whole family can play of course. It’s even recommended to have a good time together.
What happens if it rains on the day of our adventure?
The adventure happens rain or shine. This cannot be a ground for cancellation. In case of too dangerous weather, storms or strong winds, EZKAPAZ reserves the right to cancel certain games for the safety of players. In this case only a refund may be granted.

You provide a lot of technological equipment. Do I need to bring ID cards?

Yes, we will need to keep your ID as security for the loaned equipment. We accept RAMQ cards, passports and Canadian or American driver’s licenses.