from March 8 to 10 only, live an extraordinary experience
 with a  full day of games!

1- discover an EXCLUSIVE… and competitive scenario! 

Following last year’s success, EZKAPAZ and Escaparium are once again presenting Operation EZKAPAZ, an exclusive scenario for Jeux de société de Montréal, organized as part of the Montreal Joue Festival!

For the fist time in Montreal, challenge your friend in an Escape Game!

Two identical scenarios can be played simultaneously: will your group finish before the other?

operation ezkapaz :

You are secret agents infiltrated into a mercenary camp that plan to attack a humanitarian convoy. You have just entered the commander’s main tent. Unfortunately, an alarm went off and the whole camp is looking for you.

You only have 20 minutes to unlock the command post and hijack the troops to save the convoy.

Opération EZKAPAZ :  

Duration : 20 minutes
Number of players : 6 maximum
Location : Centre Pierre-Charbonneau
Date : March 8th to 10th

2 – take this opportunity to discover the board game event Jeux de société de Montréal at a reduced price

Take advantage of EZKAPAZ / Escaparium’s experience at the Pierre Charbonneau Centre to participate in the boardgame event Jeux de société de Montréal! 

When booking, you will have the option to purchase tickets for the event at $8 instead of $10 for a day, or $12 instead of $15 for the entire weekend.

This 4th edition promises to be even better than the previous ones. With family or with friends, come and challenge yourself in one of the many tournaments presented during the 3 days of games and discover numerous other games, some of which are still unpublished.

You will have access to : 

– A rental service with more than 500 different 
– A children’s area full of skill games
– A Randolph shop area
– Tournaments and initiation games
– A special board games themed Quiz
– Not to mention all the partner stands.

This year, give yourself a playful break!


It is mandatory to have a ticket for the Jeux de société de Montréal event to participate in Operation EZKAPAZ.

You can buy tickets at a reduced price when you register for Operation EZKAPAZ, or buy them directly at the event.

Holders of a card from the Bibliothèques de Montréal will also receive free admission to the event if they arrive before noon.




Fixed price of 40$

This price includes a reservation for the game Operation EZKAPAZ for 2 to 6 players.

Each participant must have a ticket to the Montreal Board Games event to participate in Operation EZKAPAZ.

You can buy tickets at a reduced price when you register for Operation EZKAPAZ.