investigate the murder and find the killer with the murder weapon

Do you like the game of Clue? Will you make the right deductions?

The cadavera case

Westmount, 1920.

One of your contacts in the police force has called you to ask you to solve the murder of Mr Cadavera. The rich british lord was found dead in his library and the initial investigation brought to light a short list of potential suspects and murder weapons.

Due to certain political influences, the mayor has decided to silence the matter and the police now have their hands tied. In one hour a specialised team will be coming to clean up the scene of the crime.

Will you be able to figure out who did it and with which weapon before the “cleaners” arrive?

number of players

4 to 6 people

additional information

This room is freely inspired byt the board game clue.

room’s best time (without clues) :


best team : Groupe Sélect

  • Difficulty level : 80% 80%
  • Success rate : 30% 30%