Montreal Room Escape game

Experience an unforgettable gaming experience.
EZKAPAZ is a new type of entertainment activity in Montreal ranked #1 in the fun & games category on trip advisor for the last 2 years.


EZKAPAZ: Immersive real life escape game

EZKAPAZ is an escape game, an immersive adventure that promises you a rush of adrenaline. Prepare yourselves for a unique experience. The original scenarios imagined by our team await you in the heart of Montreal.

Do you like video games? Board games ? And wished to experience it in real life? Escape from your everyday life, get out of your comfort zone. Investigate,manipulate and search everywhere for clues that will help you progress. But beware of false leads, the consequences could be fatal.

Imagine yourself on a crime scene in the 1920s. Or as spies and infiltrate into the dark recesses of a secret society. Does Marty McFly, remind you of something ? Let`s travel back in time ... Will you be up to it?

Your strength is your team! Whether you are with friends, colleagues or family, it will rely on you and your ability to work together. Resist the pressure, make the right decisions. Communicate, exchange ideas, solve riddles. Complete your mission!

You have 60 minutes. Prove to us that you are the best!
Montreal escape game entrée
Montreal escape game entrée
English ad for the barber shop room EZKAPAZ

Discover our games

All our scenarios are designed by our team. These adventures are unique, original and unpublished in the the world.
Choose one and like, share, live strong moments with your family and friends

Opus Luminum escape game Montreal EZKAPAZ

Opus Luminum

Solve the mystery of the secret society and save the word. (Click here to learn more...)
Cadavera case escape game room EZKAPAZ Montreal

The Cadavera Case

Do you like the game of Clue? Will you make the right deductions? (Click here to learn more...)
Teaser Killer Barber escape game room EZKAPAZ Montreal

Time Stop Barber Shop

Can you escape from him? (Click here to learn more...)
Operation Mindfall, the new augmented reality game by EZKAPAZ in the Montreal Streets

Operation Mindfall

The only augmented reality experience in the Montreal streets. Destroy a virus virus capable of controlling human thoughts and save the world. (Click here to learn more...)

Excellent! How much does it cost?

per player
  • Length of 60 min
  • Minimum of 4 players required
  • Maximum of 6 to 8 players depending on the scenario
  • Unlimited clues(If wanted)
  • Group photo
  • 1 game master dedicated to your team
  • No matching of multiple groups
$Contact Us
for group price
  • Special prices for groups
  • 13 people or more : 10% off
  •  From Monday to Friday 6pm
  • We can accommodate up to 20 people at once
  • Group Photo
  • Game masters dedicated to your teams
  • We work with SMEs and the biggest companies in Quebec


Each scenario lasts 60 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior for introduction and rules in order for the fun to begin on time!
You can also consider a few more minutes at the end for a quick debriefing and a souvenir picture!

Please note

From 4 players only. We tested our rooms with teams of 2 or 3 and we figured out the difficulty level is to hight for small groups due to a lot of puzzles to solve. 

In the same time, we think associate people won't give you all the time the best experience you can have. That's why EZKAPAZ reserves the room exclusively for you. In other words, you get to play among your friends only!

We are working on a room designed for group of 2 or 3 in the futur. 

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Why chose us ?

It is a different and new activity!
Simply because EZKAPAZ changes your outings in Montreal. Are you tired of bowling or laser tag, you always wondering what to do? With friends or family, escape games are a new opportunity to keep busy.
This will take you off the TV screens and make you forget your smart phone.
To celebrate a birthday in an original way!
To escape from everyday life and work
To offer an original and different gift.

What is the customer satisfaction rate?

EZKAPAZ displays the highest level of customer satisfaction in escape games in the Montreal area.

We have welcomed several tens of thousands of customers for 2 years now and our work is recognized and praised for the quality of its enigmas.
Trip Advisor99%

1st on trip advisor with a average of 5/5

5,0 Stars out of 5 on facebook

Average of 4,8/5 on Google rank

Location and opening hours
3955 saint Laurent blvd
Montreal, QC H2W 1Y4
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Phone :(514) 548-2507

Monday : 14h - 22h
Tuesday : 14h - 22h
Wednesday : 14h - 22h
Thursday : 14h - 22h
Friday : 12h - 22h30
Saturday : 10h - 00h
Sunday : 10h - 21h