The city of Montreal. A place rich in culture, history, and above all else… secrets. Discover its untold stories through our numerous experiences. Whether you are a fan of escape rooms or immersive theatre, we’ll have something just for you.

Dive in, and let the tendrils of the past pull you into their warm embrace

Our Locations

Escape Games


ESCAPE ROOM – 3955 Saint-Laurent BLVD.

The prestigious Cadavera family invites you to visit their infamous manor. The very place where Lord Cadavera himself was murdered in 1921. Three possible escape rooms await you under the guise of exhibitions offered by the estate.

Immersive Theater

IMMERSIVE THEATRE – 2021 Saint Denis St.

A new immersive theatre experience. Delve into the heart of the 1920s and it’s underworld at the Speakeasy Cocktail Bar “Le 4e Mur” in Montreal.

Jeux d’évasions

Team Building

Ezkapaz offers a variety of activities that are perfectly suited towards team building experiences. Across our escape games and events, you will find a common pattern of necessity for skills such as cooperation, listening and problem solving. Of course, all of this, brought forward through the medium of immersive fun and unique adventures that are sure to help bond your team with long lasting memories.

Whether you are looking for an exciting venture of obstacles to tackle together, a soirée in which to enjoy eachothers company, or perhaps even a little bit of both, we are sure to find a solution for you.

Leave a message to us below with information such as how many you will be participating and what the objectives you are looking to achieve are. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to start working on an experience catered to your expectations.

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